The Dream of a Tealing Kirk Heritage Centre

The next minister of Murroes and Tealing Parish Church was the Rev. Helen Johnstone who was appointed on 28 September 1983 and made a bit of history as the first woman parish minister ever appointed by the Dundee Presbytery. At her instigation, the Tealing Kirk Heritage Centre was formed as a company limited by guarantee and successfully purchased the old church from the Church of Scotland. Rev. Johnstone and her fellow Directors, the Rev James A Roy and Mr Alan Grewar, had a vision of Tealing Church as a heritage Centre illustrating 1000 years of church life in a country parish.

Copious records and files from the ensuing years show that the Rev Johnstone and her husband, the Rev. Bob Johnstone, made strenuous efforts to make their vision reality. But it was not to be. They couldn't raise the significant amount of money required to fund the development and when, over the years, through ill-health, death and the moving away of the Directors, the company ceased to trade and was dissolved, ownership of Tealing Church finally reverted to the Crown in 1999. In the meantime, the church had become derelict and open to the elements. There was a real danger that its many relics and fine inscriptions would be permanently damaged. In 1999, on behalf of the Crown, Angus Council made the building wind and watertight, at least halting the decay. Tealing Churchyard is still in use as a cemetery and is owned and administered by Angus Council.

Murroes and Tealing Church has been linked with Auchterhouse since February 1983. Many Tealing villagers still worship there today.

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