We are indebted to those who so regularly give of their time for the benefit of our small community and wish to thank:
COMMUNITY COUNCILLORS - Donna Dingwall, Kerry Kirkland, Hilda Young, Gloria Gibson

HALL TRUSTEES - Kenny Brown, Niki Lamond, Kay Dennis, Neil Dewar, Derek Connor

TEALING REGENERATION STEERING GROUP - Sandra Burke, Diane Begg, Niki Lamond, Kenny Brown, Kerry Kirkland, Hilda Young, Mike Bisset, Lorna Campbell, Tipper Thomson, Lynne Taylor, David Roulston, Ewan Patterson

HALL BOOKINGS - Graham Campbell

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM (Facebook, Twitter, newsletter and website) - Sandra Burke, Kerry Kirkland

AFTERNOON TEA GROUP FOR SENIORS - Carol Roulston, Sandra Burke, Kay Dennis, Eileen Strang and several host families

VILLAGE EVENTS & OTHER PROJECTS - Caroline Brown, Gerry Hocking, Richard Gibson, Gill Crockett, Margaret Thomson, David Roulston, Alison Wiseman, Tom Burke

BOOK SHED - Lorna Campbell, Kirsty Muir, Lynne Taylor, Sandra Burke, Carol Roulston