Development Trust

The TEALING REGENERATION STEERING GROUP (TRSG) was set up in Spring 2022 by 12 local residents who want to ensure that the village makes the most of the opportunities provided by the Seagreen Community Benefit Fund, which is likely to be in the region of £250,000 paid out over the next few years.

To get ideas and determine the priorities, a village-wide consultation exercise took place between June and October 2022. A draft Community Action Plan for the next few years is being drafted and should firm up early in 2023.  Following in the steps of 300 other places throughout Scotland, a Community Development Trust (CDT) may be set up to plan, deliver and coordinate whatever projects are agreed. CDTs can access a wealth of free advice, support and practical assistance in Scotland to help communities take more control of their own future. They can, for example, own and manage village assets, run community enterprises, improve the local environment and apply for grants and funding.  Find out what amazing projects CDTs are doing throughout Scotland at

The TRSG, Community Council and Tealing Hall Trust are working very closely together to make sure the people of Tealing (and future generations) can benefit soon from local improvements, be proud of our area and build a stronger sense of community. 

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