The Statistical Accounts

Parish Ministers were also the writers of the records of Tealing Parish for input to the. Statistical Accounts of Scotland -in 1790 (Rev. John Gellatly), 1836 (Rev. David B Mellis) and 1968 (Rev. James Kidd). The Statistical Accounts were the idea of Sir John Sinclair, who, between 1791 and 1798, arranged for the publication of an account of every parish in Scotland to be drawn up by its Minister. He was also a Member of Parliament and he described the initiative as "an enquiry into the state of the country for the purpose of ascertaining the quantum of happiness enjoyed by its inhabitants and the means of future improvement". These" snapshots" of parish life have provided many historians, economists and sociologists with useful information.

Writing about the church in 1790, the Rev John Gellatly said "the church is of very ancient foundation. A few fragments of carved stones seem to indicate that the original church was an elegant gothic structure, but the present fabric, however, bears no mark of antiquity and is but indifferent both to style and condition. The stipend is about 2000 merks Scots, exclusive of the manse and garden; as to the glebe, it would be, as it generally is in the country, rather a disadvantage, if the incumbent had not been so lucky as to get a small farm. The Crown is patron. The average number of scholars at the parochial school is only about 30, owing to the badness of the roads here in the winter season, and the nearness of the skirts of the parish to the schools of the parishes around. At present there is not one beggar".

In September 1836, Rev. David B Mellis, wrote of Tealing's ecclesiastical state" the parish church and the manse are nearly in the centre of the parish, and whether distance or population be considered, a more eligible situation for them could not have been chosen. The church was built about the year 1806 and contains sittings for 700 individuals. The manse was built around 1803 and has undergone such alterations, and received such repairs, as make it very comfortable. The extent of the glebe is five and its annual value may be estimated at £14. As to the stipend, it is 10 chalders, and £30. There is not any place for public worship in the parish except the Established Church, and all the inhabitants of the parish, with the exception of four or five individuals, adhere to the establishment. The average number of communicants is about 450. The average amount of church collections yearly is about £50".

Regarding the poor, he continued "the average number of persons receiving parochial aid is 10 (out of a population of 766) and the average sum allotted to each per month is 5 or 6 shillings; but, besides those persons who receive statedly parochial aid, there are some to whom money, according to their circumstances is occasionally given; and a considerable sum is annually expended on fuel and clothing."

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