Ancient times

This section covers the first 1000 years AD, setting out what little we know about the early settlementsthat eventually becameTealing.

It is fascinating to know that oursmall village of no more than a few hundred people at any one time is mentioned in historical records as far back as 710 AD, when the papal missionary St Boniface came to Scotland to establish the first church here.

Even that is pre-dated by the evidence of settlement at Tealing Earth-house as far back as 100AD. Historians have speculated that the earth-house was built by the Romans and used for storage during their unsuccessful attempts to hold Caledonia after the the victory by Julius Agricola in 84 AD. So Roman legions may have marched through our little part of the world - fascinating indeed!

The name "Tealing"

Tealing area

Ancient relics of Tealing

Earliest evidence of settlement in Tealing

St Martin's Stone

The Romans arrive

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