Tealing has several ancient relics. J. Romilly Allen, FSA Scotland, described Tealing in his paper Notice of Prehistoric Remains near Tealing in Forfarshire dated 16 February 1881, as a district very rich in prehistoric remains. These include:

  • the cup-marked boulder in Tealing Wood
  • the cup-marked stone at Cross House, Balkemback
  • the "circle of stones" or "supposed Druidical temple" at Balkemback Wood

Romilly Allen stated that these cup-marked stones were similar to those found on Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire. They are thought to date to the Bronze Age circa 1800 BC and, since they also exist in Sweden, are thought to be evidence of ornamentation of rocks by migrating Nordic peoples.However, others have attributed them to religious practices or even to crude representations of planetary movement.

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