Volunteer Roll of Honour

Huge thanks to our wonderful village volunteers, without whom the Olympic Gala weekend couldn't go ahead because there's so muchto do.You are all heros!

Alison Scott
Ian Reid
Alison and John Wiseman
Willie Miller

Joyce Barr and Tealing WRI
Margaret Napier Thomson
Jackie Reoch
Myrtle Brand

Shona Wales
Jenny and Bob Bell
Jean Fotheringham
Ella McKay
Jean Donaldson
Margaret Cook
Liam Whytock
Kerry Kirkland
Lorraine Tasker
Sue Costello
Renate Williams
Steven Burke
Joyce Morrison
Ian Black
Sean Donaldson
Karen Forbes
Andrea Bissett
Maggie Noble-Nesbitt
Christa Doogan
Gary McIlravey
John Wiseman
Ryan Wiseman

Plusall the members of Tealing Community Council and Tealing Hall Management Committee.