World War II

War was declared on 3 September 1939 and the log reports that week, that the Headteacher, as Receiving Officer for children who were to be billeted in Tealing, met a party much smaller than expected 3 mothers, 5 pre-school children and 17 school children. Extra teaching staff was brought in to cope with the influx. School life seems to continue routinely throughout the war years although there are references to more evacuee children joining the school, to the air raid shelters, the giving out of Point Ration Books in the lunch breaks and to Mr Christie, the Science Teacher, being called to Military Service.

Mrs Elizabeth Hill had by now become the schools' first female Headteacher. In June 1944 the children were preparing posters for a competition during "Salute the Soldier" week. Saving Stamp prizes were presented to the winner at a concert in Tealing Hall. Later that month, with the opening of the attack on Western Europe, extra geography lessons were given to provide an elementary understanding of these great events. Padre Gillespie of the RAF also gave his monthly talk to the pupils.

On 7th May 1945, the school logbook records the "Beginning of a momentous week. The pupils and staff are all excited awaiting the news of Germany's unconditional surrender. All classes have been preparing for VE DAY by learning allied and national songs and painting flags. Children subscribed to buy a flag for each classroom. At 3.00pm we heard the news of the German surrender as broadcast by the Germans, but no announcement from S.H.A.E.F. Bonfire prepared in playground and flags hoisted. Before closing whole school assembled and sang "Land of Our Birth" and" God Save the King". Three cheers were given for the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

On 8 May, "at 3.00pm Mr Churchill broadcast the official announcement of Unconditional Surrender by Germany. VE DAY".

On 11May, "school re-opened after VE DAY holidays. Children told of their experiences and the surrender and its significance was discussed. A large percentage of the children had attended the Thanksgiving Service and Party on VE evening. The local hall was decorated with flags and slogans coloured by the schoolchildren. Bonfire in the playground and children danced around it singing".

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