The Soup Kitchen Saga 1874

The great "Soup Kitchen Saga" of 1884 to 1888 is worth a mention for it appears to have caused a local stooshie of gargantuan proportions!

In 1884, all schools were asked by the Education Board to consider providing a soup lunch for the children. The Tealing School Board set about examining their options and tried to raise funds for the building of a kitchen, which they estimated would cost around £30 to £35 including equipment. They were delighted when Mr W S Fothringham Esq of Tealing House agreed to provide the kitchen and appointed his land steward, Mr Walter McNicoll, to work with the Board's architect.

By the time the quotations came in the total cost had escalated to £118, but this appears to have been approved by the Board and Mr McNicoll. When this was reported back to Mr Fothringham he advised that he was only ever committed to funding £15 towards the cost of the kitchen, being under the impression that Lord Home was funding the other £15.

Strong letters were exchanged and, in 1885,the building of the soup kitchen was cancelled amid much apparent consternation on both sides. Years later, the soup kitchen was finally opened in January 1888, after the Board had authorised the taking of an overdraft of £150.

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