Lindsay Hay

My mum, dad and uncle were all at Tealing School in the 1920's and 1930's. Tealing was still part of the Fothringham Estate, for whom my grand ad worked. My brothers and I attended Tealing Primary School between 1955 and 1969. The Dominie was Mr McLean and the teachers at that time were Mrs Cook and Mrs Harberton. When Mr Mclean left, Mr Sturrock took over. The teachers then were Mrs Eisler and Miss Fraser.

We walked to school, whereas today most children get on the bus. The sports day just before going on holiday was what everyone looked forward to. There were outings but not everyone could afford to go. The holidays were working holidays, berry picking in the summer and potato picking in the autumn. All the money made was spent on clothes for the school. The summers were a lot better then, not so much rain, but winter was from November through to March. There could be snow on the ground for all of that time, not now.

We didn't have goal posts at first but we got them made and started a football team. Now the school entrance is at the side but it used to be at the front. My job was to ring the school bell after playtime. There were three classrooms -primaries 1and 2, primaries 3 and 4 and then the big classroom. We didn't have to walk far to end our school year, just down to Tealing Church, which is no longer in use.

(Lindsay still lives in the family cottage in Tealing. He is a keen gardener and is often seen out and about cycling around the country lanes).

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