Centenary Celebration 1972

In June 1972, in common with other schools throughout Scotland, Tealing Primary School celebrated 100 years of compulsory schooling. The teaching team at this time consisted of the Headteacher Mr Sturrock, Mrs Eisler, Miss Fraser and Miss Brown and, with the children, they set about building an exhibition of the school in Victorian times. What started as a school project became a mass village effort as villagers raided their attics for old-time mementoes. Old photographs, paintings, Victorian furniture, clothes, toys, books and knick-knacks were laid out in the school. Miss Fraser dressed up as an old Victorian school ma' am and many of the children wore the long white pinnies, frilled bonnets and black boots of the era. Parents and friends came along to view the exhibition, sat down to coffee and sandwiches and heard a programme of songs from the children, arranged by Mrs Sturrock.

Mr Sturrock composed a special school song for the occasion:


(To the tune Villikins and Dinah. The spirit of William McGonagall lives on!)

On the slopes of the Sidlaws
'N eath bonnie Craigoul,
In the parish of Tealing
There stands a wee school.
Nearby flows the Fithie
On its way to the sea
In the heart of the country
Yet near to Dundee.

'Twas built in the year
Eighteen Seventy Two-
For an act passed by Parliament
Said, "This you must do!
All you parents of children
Aged five to thirteen,
To school you must send them!
Signed -Victoria the Queen.

The Dominie and Missie
Will patiently try
To pass on their learning
Until by-and-by,
Each child in the school-room
Is reasonable slick
At reading and writing
And A-rith-me-tic!


All of this was reported in the local newspaper "The People's Journal" on 3 June 1972. A full page of coverage and photographs was included, providing a marvellous record for the school archives. More importantly, it had been tremendous fun for everyone involved.

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