PC Charles Archibald


It was around Christmas 1988 that I was appointed as the local Police Officer for the Tealing Area. Constable Ian McKenzie who had looked after the area for the past 8 years had previously filled this position. Prior to this time I had been in several areas of Dundee with various communities.

In my time as the Local Policeman there has been little or no change to the area and the community. This has been a critical factor in my enjoyment of the area and community. The community is well established and sometimes change can effect even the youngest of community members. While the community does not change this allows the characters of the area to flourish in the village atmosphere.

My hope for the future of the area is that it continues to enjoy a fairly low crime rate and that the ever-growing house market does not single out Tealing and hence add to the population and the problems this brings. The community spirit has allowed me the joy of watching the young people of the area progressing through school and on to University / College or full time work and apprenticeships, some have even progressed to marriage and children of their own, starting the village cycle all over again.

The job I was involved in often placed me in positions of great sorrow and also elation for whatever reasons. The underlying spirit of the community helped these families and friends at this time of which I felt a great part. I would like to take this opportunity to for their support and assistance over the years, which aided in assisting my job extending friendships. I would like to wish the entire community a joyous and prosperous millennium as I venture on my own journey into retirement.

(Written in Spring 2000)