Margaret Thomson, Napier School of Dancing


Born and brought up in the Tealing area, I have been involved with Highland Dancing since the age of three, starting off as a pupil in the nearby Murroes Hall. Over the years I have danced with Davie Glen and the Nickytammers in various locations throughout Scotland, and in the Palace Theatre in Dundee with Andy Stewart, Calum Kennedy, Johnny Victory and many others. I qualified as a dance teacher in 1968, starting off with a class in Tealing Hall, where I have been every Saturday afternoon ever since!

Very little has changed, except that I now have the daughters of former pupils (am I really that old!). For the last three years I have also been teaching line dancing in Tealing Hall. How enjoyable it is watching the children progress as the years go by, seeing some of them go on to qualify as teachers themselves and seeing the line dancers give it their all on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

What a great bunch they all are, including the parents of the children, past and present, and Ian Reid and Roy Beveridge who play for the displays. We get great support from so many local people. I hope we are still going strong for another thirty-two years!

(Written in Spring 2000)