Dodd Hill Wind Farm

1st August 2012

Angus Council
Planning Department
Angus House
Orchardbank Business Park

Dear Sir/Madam

Planning Application – Doddhill (12/00490/eial)

I am writing in response to the Planning Application submitted by West Coast Energy for the proposed Wind Farm at Doddhill, Angus.

The Tealing area consists of a community of approximately 250 households both on the east and west of the A90 and the proposed wind farm at Doddhill falls within the Tealing Community Council boundary.

West Coast Energy only recently contacted the community council and attended the community
council meeting on 16th May 2012 to provide information about their organisation and their plans. A further meeting of representatives from the 3 affected community councils i.e. Tealing, Inverarity and Murroes and Wellbank met with West Coast Energy to discuss proposals for a community benefit payment if the wind farm is approved.

Tealing Community Council has received correspondence from some local residents over the last few weeks both supporting and objecting to the proposed wind farm at Doddhill. In response to the community, Tealing Community Council felt it was their role to ascertain the feelings of the local community and held a public Extra-ordinary meeting on Monday 30th July 2012. The reason for the meeting was to give residents the opportunity to raise any points with the Community Council in order that we could respond to this planning application.

The public meeting was attending by 21 members of the public, of which 16 were Tealing residents, not including the community council members. Whilst this number is not fully representative of the whole community, some very strong opinions were expressed, which we urge the Planning Department to take into account. The following points were made at the meeting by local residents.

1. Against the Proposal

The majority of residents who attended the meeting were against the proposed windfarm for the following reasons:

  • The proposed site would no longer be aesthetically pleasing, especially for the several residents whose homes overlook the proposed site
  • The proposed turbines would affect local horse riders – it will prevent riders using the area as the turbines will frighten the horses
  • The wind turbines are not effective and experts are not clear on the benefits of wind energy, we should concentrate on more recycling
  • Government subsidies are being given to developers and without these subsidies the project would be unviable and would not go ahead
  • Offer of community benefits in support of the development should not influence the decision making process
  • The upheaval during construction would be unacceptable and presents a risk to the children using the surrounding roads as they wait for the school bus
  • The extensive foundations required will leave a scar on the landscape even if the above ground level structures are removed in 25 years time
  • The height of the turbines substantially exceeds the 80 metres for the Sidlaw area specified in Angus Council’s own guidelines.

2. Support for the Proposal

There were 2 residents present at the meeting in support of the proposed windfarm for the following reasons:

  • Climate change needs to be addressed and the community should assist with this
  • On shore wind is more effective than off shore turbines especially with the wind turbines being removed in 25 years
  • Government policy supports renewable energy
  • These residents find the view of the wind turbines inoffensive and relaxing to watch.

Six of Tealing’s eight community councillors were present at the meeting. Of these, three are against the installation of wind turbines of the size proposed in the area and three are broadly supportive.

This letter summarises the comments and representations that have been made to Tealing Community Council on this matter. We ask you to fully consider this information as part of the planning and decision making process.

If there will be any public hearings or planning meetings to discuss this application please let me know as we would like to be present.

Yours faithfully

Graeme Reoch
Chair, Tealing Community Council