Councillor Helen Oswald


Councillor Oswald

I share stewardship of the area with my fellow councillor, Frank Ellis, whose local connection stretches back a bit further than my own. Prior to being selected to stand in the Angus Council by-election on 25 November 1999, my knowledge of Tealing's history was sketchy. I knew that in the recent past, as far as local government was concerned; it had been in Angus, then Dundee, and now Angus again, and that in the main, Tealing people preferred to be in Angus, retaining their own identity, rather than being swallowed up by the city. What I didn't appreciate was the rich history associated with the area in its own right and I am impressed with the way local residents work so hard in the community to safeguard your history.

With the economic constraints placed on councils nowadays, community projects will more than ever be community-led, but I believe that villages like Tealing, which already have a solid core of people rich in community spirit will rise to this challenge. My hopes for the future are that each community in my ward will retain its unique identity, while participating in the successful economy of Angus and I will work in partnership with other councillors, community councils, local organisations and residents to ensure that this happens.

(Written in Spring 2000)