Tealing Hall

There have been two Tealing Halls during this century. The first one, a large timber hall, opened on 24 June 1913 with a concert and dance. It was situated on the corner across from the Old Post Office at Balgray and, between then and 1947, when it was burnt to the ground, it was always very heavily booked. All of the community groups (WRI, Guild, Cubs, Brownies, Scouts, Guides etc) met at the old hall. The records show, however, that it was also booked by the Farm Servants Union, the Young Men's Guild, the Home Guard, the Youth Fellowship, Bowling - and for concerts, weddings and weekend camps for the Boys Brigade and Cubs from Dundee.

The present Tealing Hall situated in Inveraldie was once the gymnasium, cinema and chapel for the aerodrome. It opened as the new community hall on 9 Feb 1949 and has continued to be the focal point for most community activities ever since. Over the years it has hosted gatherings of all the long-term community groups, and also, a badminton club, a country dancing club and the Tealing Football Club. Although Angus Council owns the Hall, various Hall Committees, with the generous support of local people and very little other financial support have run it over the years.On 5 April 1999, in the Courier, Angus Council Housing Committee praised the Hall Committee's "outstanding effort of raising £40,000, over the previous seven years, to upgrade and improve the property".

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