Tealing in the 20th century

The 20thcentury, perhaps more than any other saw enormous changes take place. We can easily forget that it is only relatively recently that electricity, telephones, cars, mechanisation, television, public transport, supermarkets, cinemas and home ownership etc. became freely accessible to ordinary folk. In the space of 100 years, everyday life changed beyond all recognition. And, over time, the old estates have released their grip on villages like Tealing and a much more independent way of living has emerged. Tealing folk who were born in the early 1900s have lived through all of this and two World Wars. They have watched the village and the land modernise, welcoming some of the changes and lamenting others. This chapter, largely through the eyes of those who lived it, captures just a snapshot of community life in Tealing, and the major events that affected the village, during the 20th century.

Community Life
Buildings and Landmarks
Tealing through the war
Other fond memories

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