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WAAF Jacket Unveiling and

Christmas Tree Light switch on

Sunday 7th December 2014
4.15pm – 5.30pm

 Tealing Hall

All welcome!


WAAF Jacket Unveiling

Mrs Mabel Langlands is pictured here wearing the World War 2 WAAF Jacket she kindly donated to the people of Tealing.

Mrs Mabel Langlands, (L.A.C.W. Wilson, M.A.) was wearing the jacket in May 1942 when she plotted the arrival at Tealing Airfield of the Russian Government Minister, Molotov, who was on his way to London to meet Winston Churchill to sign the Anglo-Russian Peace Treaty. 


Tealing VillageChristmas Tree Lights Switch On

Christmas carols and short service

Visit from Santa

WRI cake and candy stall 





Tealing Hall Management Committee

Annual Report 2014

2014 has been a massive year for THMC, The major event was purchasing our Hall from Angus Council through a Community Asset Transfer. This was a lengthy and demanding process over a 2 year period but very pleased to announce that the transfer is now completed.

There were a number of complications for Tealing Hall Management committee owning the hall.  To overcome these problems we have changed our structure to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation and our title will now be Tealing Hall SCIO.  The hall is owned by the members of Tealing Hall SCIO; to become a member you have to live in the Tealing area or be a hall user.  As an SCIO we are required to have a board of Charity Trustees. We presently have 4 trustees, however, our constitution requires us to have between 5 and 8, we intend to increase our trustees tonight to meet our statutory requirement.  The full complement of Charity Trustees are now Ian Reid, Harold Haggart, Graham Campbell, Alan Slade, Rev. David Collins, Dr. Joseph Morrow, Graeme Reoch and Alex Strang.

We regret to announce that Bessie Coventry will be giving up the role of Hall Keeper at the end of the year. Bessie has been doing the job for the last 20 years.  Bessie is very professional and a great asset for our hall.  It is unlikely that we will find a replacement with the required qualities.  We are presently looking at alternative methods of hall keeping.

Financial Highlights

We were a beneficiary of Miss Bowie’s will, last year we received an interim payment of £ 6,050, this year we had a final payment of £2,715.

We regret to announce that Margaret Mitchell our Secretary /Treasurer for 35 years has decided to call it a day.  She will be sorely missed.  As well as her Secretary / Treasurer duties, she managed the 200 club. Again we need to thank Margaret for the problem free operation of the 200 club over many years. There is a great deal of work involved in managing the 200 club and it is unlikely that we will be able to get a replacement.  We are presently looking at ways to simplify the operation of the 200 club so that managing it will be less demanding.


There have been 4 major projects this year.

  1. Makeover of the waste ground at the rear of the hall, this was being used for fly tipping and bonfires, we had to remove 30 years dumped waste material.  The area now has access paving and part of the area is now seeded with grass. The area is now an asset to the community, however we still have further work to carry out.
  2.  We were awarded funding of £14,288 from Angus Environmental Trust to make energy savings in our hall.  Major modifications and replacements were carried out on the heating system, all of our light fittings have been changed to low energy units, and we have fitted high quality insulation to the rear area of our hall. We expect to reduce our total energy costs by 40% in the future.
  3. We have installed a fire detection and alarm system to our hall. This was a requirement to meet Fire and Safety legislation.
  4. We were awarded £6,800 to refurbish our rear hall and to create an Internet cafe. This work is nearing completion.

Presentation of Bouquets to Margaret Mitchell, Ella Hutchison and Bessie Coventry by Rev. David Collins.

Margaret Mitchell, our Secretary Treasurer for over 30 years, resigned at the AGM.  Margaret will be very difficult to replace, particularly her key role in running the 200 Club. 

Bessie Coventry, our Hall Keeper, has been in the role for 20 years and she would like to take things a bit easier.  The committee have concluded that it would be extremely unlikely that we could recruit a suitable candidate with the required qualities and commitment required.  The committee have made some proposals that includes a cleaning contract and we would hope to continue operating successfully without a dedicated hall keeper in the future. Bessie will not be completely leaving us.  She will continue to act as hall keeper for the Wednesday Club and the Church.

Ella, Bessie’s assistant, will also be taking things easier in the future.

We wish them all well for the future.

The ownership and management of Tealing Village Hall has been transferred to the local community. At a ceremonial handover on Tuesday 11 November the newly formed hall trust accepted the keys of the hall from Angus Council.  This is the first council owned building to be transferred to community ownership under the council’s community asset transfer scheme.  The council’s Communities convener councillor Donald Morrison commended the trust for all their hard work, saying:  “The trust has exciting plans for the continued development of the hall, which will keep it at the heart of community life in the Tealing area.  “Transferring it from council to community ownership opens the door to a new range of funding and development opportunities, with the community having autonomy over the hall’s future.”

The new charitable trust replaces the former hall management committee. Chairman Ian Reid said: “We are delighted to finally have ownership of the hall and are grateful for the support we received from Angus Council.  We have ambitious plans for the hall’s future. We want it to be something the whole community can be proud of, feel they have a stake in and most importantly want to use!

“We have already revamped the waste ground behind hall – turning it from an eyesore into an attractive community space.  Future plans include a refurbishment of the middle hall, the creation of an internet café and IT space for general community use – we have already secured a £6800 grant from Awards for All for this work. ” Ian concluded by saying: “Our goal is to have a welcoming and well equipped space that people of all ages in our community will want to use and enjoy.” 


Internet Cafe / Class

Tealing Hall started a Internet Cafe/ Class in the smaller hall on Tuesday 28th October (10.00 to 12.30) These times are set to suit the local bus from the Balgray / Auchterhouse area to Inveraldie. The first sessions will be free to gauge interest and to establish what people want to learn.  Bring your own lap top/ tablet/ smart phone if you have one. We will have a few devices available to use for those without any.  Complete novices will be particularly welcomed.  Refreshments will be provided.


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