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Hally's Garage

Mr John Hally was born in 1928 and first came to Tealing in 1935.  He recalls "the winters in the 30's and 40's were much more severe and we were often cut off for days with many vehicles trapped in the snow.  We would have people needing shelter and, on one occasion, we had about 30 stranded travellers in the Smithy keeping themselves warm and eating eggs pickled for the winter.  We started selling petrol in 1935 from' a hand operated pump which could supply 6 different brands.  The price was around one shilling and seven pence per gallon. My father and brother being Farriers as well as Blacksmiths, shod the big work horses from the farms as well as repairing farm implements.  All welding was done in the Forge. Gas and electric welding followed in later years.  Early radios were called wireless sets and were operated by battery as very few houses had electricity.  Locals would bring their accumulators along to the garage to be recharged.  We stopped selling petrol in April 1990".

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