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Tealing Hall Ownership
Major Decision to be made by Residents in 2013

To all Tealing Community,




Tealing Hall is owned by Angus Council and leased to Tealing Hall Management Committee for use by Tealing Community. Tealing Hall Committee are presently considering taking ownership of the Hall through a Community Asset Transfer.  This would involve a payment to Angus Council, but would be below the true value.


There are many advantages for Tealing:


-        A legacy for future generations

-        A greater pride and feeling of ownership of our hall, that would hopefully encourage the community to provide greater support for the continued existence and improvement of our community centre.

-        As part of the proposal it is intended to “make over” the large area to the rear of the hall.


This proposed transfer will also have challenges:


-        the rear car park, which has been very much out of site out of mind in the past, and has been used for disposing of waste material and burning rubbish.

-        Tealing Hall was built 60 years ago on a wartime budget and will continue to require significant maintenance and operational expenditure, approximately £6,000 per year. In addition there have been major refurbishments carried out to toilets and kitchen to meet present day expectations.  These costs have been successfully met by a combination of low hall rentals, fundraising, community support (200 club), voluntary labour and external grants.

-        There is presently a 9 person committee that have managed the hall very successfully over the last 50 years, however the average age is over 70 and the core committee has remained unchanged for over 10 years.


We have produced a business plan for the hall that provides a vision for the future that involves greater community involvement. This plan has the support of the Hall Committee and the Community Council conditional on getting support from the wider community.


To assess the support we plan to have a public meeting to present our plan for the future. In addition, we would appreciate return of the attached short questionnaire.   Please complete and return by 20 Oct 2013 or earlier to:-


Bessie Coventry – Inveraldie, Tel 380395

Ian Reid – at the Speckled Hen café Tel 380255

Graham Campbell – Huntingfaulds Road Tel 380307

Or By email to


This questionnaire can also be copied from the village website at



Tealing Hall Management Committee


Yes/ no

I will attend the Public Meeting /AGM on 12th November 2013 at 7.30 pm


I am a member of the 200 club


I would like to become a member of the 200 club (twice yearly draw having £10 annual membership)


I would be willing to provide further support to Tealing Hall (see below)



Join the committee


Help run the 200 club


Donate by Gift Aid


Request details of Gift Aid  (email address required)


Help tidy up the car park


Add your name to a volunteer list (mail drop, ticket/raffle sales etc.)


Any comments or suggestions:










*To help improve our communication it would be great if you could enter your email address.


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