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Community Council Annual Report 2010



After successfully leafleting the area, we had a good attendance at the 2009 A.G.M. Several residents put themselves forward to represent the community on the community council.  Five new members were co-opted to the committee, bringing the total to our maximum of nine, to stand until the next elections in October 2010.


During the year our registered secretary Mary Cavin, due to work and family commitments was unable to attend meetings on a regular basis but we were fortunate that a new member, Nicki Donaldson, was able to step up to the plate to keep a record  of meeting minutes and perform other secretarial duties.


The Tealing website,( long held ambition of the community council, was launched in December 2009 helped by local business sponsorship through placing advertising on the website. Thanks go to website team of Sandra and Kerry for all their hard work getting this off the ground


After initially being turned down by Angus council for speed restriction on School road this decision was overturned at committee and in 2011 a speed limit of 20mph will be put in place. We have also persuaded Bear Scotland to put up larger signage on theA90 at Inveraldie to try to stop L.G.Vs, looking for Inveraldie farm coming into the village


A subgroup was set up to undertake Better Community Engagement, supported by a Scottish government training scheme. As a consequence we produced a questionnaire for the community to let us have their opinions. Results were published in our Summer 2010 newsletter, which will be a regular publication.


My thanks to all community councillors, volunteers  elected Angus council members and PC Louden  for all their assistance throughout the year. Hopefully  the good work can carry on after the elections.


 Graeme Reoch, Chairman






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